A trading platform is a combination of technical and software tools that provide users (traders) with access to information about the situation in the financial markets, allow you to carry out trading operations and track obligations between the client and the Company, providing access to financial markets.

The trading platform works through the Internet and consists of two main parts:



A client terminal, which is a computer program installed on a trader’s computer on a mobile device or in a browser.
The company’s server, which provides quotes (information on the prices of financial instruments) for clients ‘trading terminals, performs trading operations and manages traders’ accounts.


ActTrader™ provides a full-featured workspace for traders to execute trades and manage their accounts.
  • Feature-rich desktop application allows you to monitor the market and engage in online trading
  • Each window shows information and gives access to specific functions
  • Convenient controls via FXVoyager Toolbar
  • Create, test, and run automated trading strategies via ActFX
  • Trade currency, currency Forwards and Options, CFDs, Equities, Futures, and ETFs.


  • Open a new position in just one click
  • Click on Bid or Ask, and a position will immediately open for the number of lots indicated in the Amount field
  • Web based interface accessible via URL within any Java-enabled browser
  • ActTrader user will find the interface familiar due to similarities in logic and design
  • Improved design allows for easier and more effective trading
  • Trade currency and options as well as ETFs* and Futures*

*limited functionality



Introducing ActPhone™, the full-featured trading solution for the iPhone, powered by ActForex. ActPhone allows you to trade the same instruments that you can in ActTrader, including Forex, CFDs, Futures, and ETFs. With ActPhone, you never have to be tied down to your computer again!


ActPad is the iPad version of the popular ActTrader platform by ActForex, Inc. ActPad allows you to trade the same instruments you can on the desktop version, including Forex, CFDs, Futures, and ETFs. Simply log in with your ActTrader username and password to access your trading account, orders, and open positions. Place trades, monitor your account, and even view live charts. Your account data and trading activity are synced in real time. Trades you make on the iPad are reflected on the desktop application, and vice-versa.

With ActPad, you never have to be tied down to your computer again!


Introducing ActDroid™, a complete mobile trading solution for the Android platform, created by the same ActForex team that developed the world’s foremost trading technology. ActDroid is a full featured trading application that allows traders to log in to their existing trading account and trade the same instruments as in ActTrader, including Forex, CFDs, Futures, and ETFs. Due to the excellent technology found in the Android platform, ActDroid offers more advanced features, and is specifically designed to take advantage of the sophisticated capabilities of Android’s technology.
The best Forex trading platform is a real opportunity for a trader to make good money without leaving home. Today, more and more people have become interested in the foreign exchange market, because the fluctuation of currencies can be very easily wrapped in favor of themselves. The most important thing is to choose a good trading platform, that is, software that can be installed on a PC or mobile phone and allows the trader to perform all the necessary actions during the trading process. Trying to make money on the stock exchange, the trader is constantly in conditions of uncertainty, weighs many factors and makes difficult decisions. To add to this also the instability and unreliability of the trading platform is unreasonable. More than once I heard from traders how an excellent market opportunity was missed, or even worse, a substantial part of the deposit was lost when the “home-made” platform simply “refused” at a critical moment.