About company

GoldCoin FX is an international online brokerage company that provides retail and institutional investors with access to more than 180 trading instruments in 6 asset classes. We successfully work all over the world and focus on providing reliable professional services to a wide range of our customers.

GoldCoin FX receives quotes from leading liquidity providers in ECN markets and generates streaming quotes for customers at the best prices. In the trading terminal, the client sees and trades with the best purchase and sale price for each financial instrument. As a result, customer orders are executed at the price of a liquidity provider, which currently offers the best purchase or sale prices.

Our success is based on the diversity, flexibility, transparency of the proposed solutions and on an open, well-founded pricing structure. Our goal is to establish long-term and strong relationships with our customers by providing them with the necessary tools, knowledge and skills, as well as providing support in achieving success and stability in their trading activities.

Professional growth

Companies are worthless without their employees. At GoldCoin FX, careful staffing has always been the foundation, cornerstone and pillar of our business. We managed to create a creative environment in which people can be themselves, develop their skills and make an increasingly significant contribution to the growth of the company. When we hire a new employee, his talent, experience and knowledge play a decisive role, however such qualities as enthusiasm, pressure, open-mindedness and creativity occupy an important place among the advantages that we seek and value.

Check out our current vacancies, and if you find that you have everything you need to join the GoldCoin FX team, apply. Feel free to send your resumes, even if there are no vacancies that directly correspond to your skills and business experience. We are always looking for talented people.